Kashmir & Shawls of Paisley Design

18/19th century

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The Geffrye Museum is one of my favourite museums. It has displays of English urban domestic interiors from 1600 to the present day in a series of period rooms. Primary collections of English furniture and panitings. There is a walled herb garden and a series of period gardens.

* The Geffrye Museum, Kingsland Road, London E2

© 2006 Meg Andrews.

If you are interested in collecting, wearing or displaying shawls contact: Meg in London, UK e: meg@meg-andrews.com

I buy and sell Kashmir and European shawls both woven, embroidered and printed examples. Click here to go to the shawls section of the website.


I would be delighted to give an opinion on your shawl. If you first e mail me a photo or send one by post, I can determine whether it would be worth while your paying for this service. I make a charge of £30 $60 per item. I need good clear photographs. A photo of the whole item; close ups of front and back details, together with measurements and condition. Hold the shawl up to the light to see holes, mends etc. Send your e mail address and I will reply with the date of the item, information and value. If you wish to have a valuation for insurance purposes I would be pleased to give you one. See Opinion section.

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