10 m of Gold Fringing
10 m of Gold Fringing


10 m of Gold Fringing
18/19th c

So rare to have 10 metres of this highly useable fringing. I would like to sell it all together. This is probably 18th century or early 19th c. 


A narrow woven head and 3 inch; 8 cm long twisted narrow tassels, flat gold lengths, wrapped round a silk core.

3 @ lengths 6ft 10 in; 2.05 m

3 @ lengths 3ft 4 in; 1 m

2 @ lengths 2ft; 60 cm.

There are also two very similar lengths 4 in; 10 cm deep.  I can sell these two lengths seperately.

1 @ 2 ft 2 in; 65 cm and 1 @1ft 4 in; 40 cm



Very good.


Fringe Frog & Tassel. The Art of the Rimmings-Maker in Interior Decoration by Annabel Westman


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