CFA Voysey
CFA Voysey
CFA Voysey


CFA Voysey

Charles Francis Voysey (1857-1941) produced designs for Morton Sundour of Edinburgh.


Cockpen for Morton Sundour, Edinburgh, a small repeating roller printed motif of pairs of tan coloured birds facing each other beside pairs of singing birds facing away, perched on dark green curving branches with sprays of leaves and stylised purple flower heads, cotton ground, a mid green linen border.

Repeat 5 in; 12 cm

The Voysey panel 5ft 6 in x 2ft 7 in; 1.09 x 78 cm.

The printed textile plus the green border 6ft 5 in x 3ft; 1.97 x 91 cm.




Fresh in appearance. There are a few areas of light very feint brown markings. There is one light stripe from top to bottom and with slight colour to the right of that stripe.  These might come out if the fabric was washed, but this would entail removing the beautifully attached and perfect colouring green border, which I am reluctant to do. Photos on request.


V & A  -T.174-1977


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