Dresden Ruffles

Beautiful embroidery. I also have several single sleeve ruffles. If these are of any use to you please contact me.


a pair for sleeves, with four different fillings to the flower and leaf meander worked in chain stitch, the scalloped edge large leaf scallops, all on fine muslin, 9 1/2 x 21 1/2 in; 24 x 52 cm; the second ruffle


As you will see from the measurements the second ruffle is fractionally shorter in length by 1 in. 3 cm ,although the width is the same. There is damage to the top length and a V piece of damage to the ruffle's left hand end. A little damage to two places just above the central flowers. The second ruffle has a great tear 1 1/2 in; 6 cm long to the left hand top edge plus a little war tro extreme left hand side. There is further hole which should be visible. There is a a very visible hole to centre bottom, just above embroidered flowers. I can always send you close up photos of any damage.


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