Second half 19th c

I just happened to acquire these! 


A pair of silver coloured spectacles in a black leather case with gold lettering G Chambers. Jeweller & Optician. Warminster (Wiltshire). £ 95.

6 1/2 in; 16 cm.

A ladies pair of gold  coloured rimmed pair  of spectacles in a black leather open case, the top with a chain and clasp, to attach to the waistband or belt. £ 95.

The main case 6 1/2 in; 16 cm; With the chain and clasp 9 1/2 in; 24 cm.


The case is in very good condition. Could perhaps do with a little polish, should you wish. The spectacles have a few areas of rust spots. These can be removed with baking soda.

The case is quite worn, but no doubt could be improved with some attention. The silver chain is rusty but the clasp in good condition. The spectacles have clearly lost their ends and poor replacements mouled. Again these could be removed.

Price: on request

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