Kashmir Stole
c 1810

Wonderful quality with a lovely sheen. It is not often one sees such an early, simple stole. Good for a collector. If displayed I think after a little conservation the damage could be disguised. Looking though Frank Ames book on The Kashmir Shawls there seems to be nothing similar! There are more complicated designs in the boteh and more colour.


woven in extremly fine pashmina, signature at one end, each end with twelve upright botehs with slightly bending tips, their bases a vase with a central stem with clusters of three flowerheads, the remainder of the pine filled with small leaves, h small pyramidal trees between the botehs, all between narrow guard stripes filled with flowers, the inner border flanking the field with a repet upright stylised flowerhead, all in indigo and madder and with touches of mid blue, 9 ft 11 x 53 in wide.


The first end is in good condition. No holes. There is a minute stain in the far right hand corner. The edge has missing fringe. In fact the whole piece is weak to edges, in places their are breaks. The other end has a 1/2 and 3/4 in slit close together. These could easily have a little conservation fabric to support and then they would not show. The central field has got quite a few moth holes. The worst is just above the second border of T shape 1 in x 1 in. Because it is plain ground even if conserved it would still show slightly. There is one small 1/4 in dia brown stain. Other holes best seen in photos.


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