Lundayeh, Indonesia
Lundayeh, Indonesia
Lundayeh, Indonesia
Lundayeh, Indonesia

Lundayeh, Indonesia
Mid 20th c

This sun hat is made by the Lundayeh who reside mainly in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The Lundayeh (Sabah) and Lun Bawang (Sarawak and Brunei) also share the same material culture. They all use this hat for domestic purposes but also during wedding processions where the hat and Tayen, a basket is used from bride wealth exchange. 

Wonderfull design. The inside border is very pleasing in natural rattan but with a pattern. This would look stunning on a wall, either by iteself or with a group of these hats.



The conical shape with a design of large meanders, spots, zig zags, the whole divided into four vertical sections, all hand painted in terracotta, black, but leaving areas of natural rattan, the lining of printed cotton oversewn with thread, the border of natural rattan.

17 in; 43 cm wide. 11 in; 28 cm high


I think there may have been some very small beads or perhaps an endless knot to the very top of the hat, similar to some of other hats. It is now left with a few threads . Otherwise very good.


My thanks to Jesse Joy for the information. Jesse is writing a booklet on sun hats made by the indigenous peoples of Sabah.

Price: on request

Ref N°: 8918/3

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