Men's Coral Silk Stockings
Second Quarter 18th c

Fab! What a dandy. Worn with breeches these would have been very visable.

Socks & Stockings by Jeremy Frrell

Costume Close Up. Clothing Construction and Pattern 1750-1790

Linda Baumgarten & John Watson with Florine Carr


frame knitted, both sides woven with cream clocks surmounted by a five balled crown, above flower and foliage meanders flanking the cream foot inserts, the top woven with a wide band flanked by two narrower, back hand sewn silk seam, the foot toe to heel 9 in or 23 cm; the length 2 ft or 60 cm.


Very good. Stocking one has feint pink parks to the inner side. Slight markings to the above heel area o same side.  The second stocking has similar markings to the inside of the foot. Hardly noticeable.


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