Muslim Creed

What an unusual piece. I am hoping someone will tell me what this says! The pashmina is the softest. The side borders are very fine and the end slightly coarser.


the Arabic words la ela ila allah wa mohammad rasul ullah, which is the Muslim Creed: There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is the Prophet of God. a shawl end of snuff coloured pashmina, the corners with slanting wool embroidered botehs predominately in red, but with some black and white highlights, the central section with five slightly curving boteh shapes emerging from a mound, each with a central cone filled with caligraphy in rich blue floss silk thread, with radiating flowerheads in blue, tan,apricot, ivory silks, the top border embroidered with a flower meander, the sides with a finely woven border, the end with a slightly coarser border above a red woven stripe, fringing, depth from top embroidered border 10 in or 27 cm; 46 in or 1.17 m.


You should be able to see from the photo that the bottom edge is in bad condition. The left hand side is also quite damaged.


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