Neo Classical Influence
Neo Classical Influence
Neo Classical Influence
Neo Classical Influence

Neo Classical Influence

Fashion at this period was heavily influenced by Classical Greece with white muslin or light silk dresses. These shoes would have looked perfect with the bars across the toe being inspired by Greek sandals. Hopkins calls these sandal shoes.**

In Walford's book* he tells up that it was a common misconception that tiny shoes resulted in tiny feet and the width of the feet could be trained in childhood by wearing contricting footwear. Small feet were a sign of elegance.

Beautiful shape shoes. I desperately want someone to start producing shoes in this style which would be delicious to wear. I beleive with a little conservation these would look really good. See report below.


A pair of pointed toe primrose yellow and black kid cutwork shoes, the vamp with the black kid cut into a decorative design with curved bars with three pointed leaves, revealing the yellow kid below, a pleated black silk throat ruffle, the top edge also with silk ribbon trim and the side and back seams, the quarters of yellow kid, the heel of black kid, straight leather soles, lined with cotton, all hand stitched.

1 1/2 in; 3 cm heel

an oval label with a leaf surround printed in black ink C Gro........., Ladies Shoe Ma......London/High East/ Dorchester



A little project for a conservator. The very narrow black silk covering the side, back seams and the top edge has worn. I can advise where this can be bought.  A few stitches are needed to one side of the front panels. The little bars with their decoration are all there. One needs sticking down. They shoes basically need supporting and shaping, but are really in remarkable condition. The inside label is torn and insides grubby. Ask for detailed photos.


*The Seductive Shoe by Jonathan Walford. Very similar but different colour to shoes on p 45.

**Footwear by Alan and Vanessa Hopkins p 30 for similar shoe.

Shoes. An Illustrated History by Rebecca Shawcross. Very similar shoes on p 78.


Price: £1,800 | $2,430 | €2,160

Reduced to: £1,500 | $2,030 | €1,800

Ref N°: 8508

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