Phyllis Barron
Phyllis Barron
Phyllis Barron
Phyllis Barron


Phyllis Barron

Wonderful design.  Hand block printed fabrics were expensive to produce. We do not know whether this was the only design Phyllis Barron produced for Rosebank Fabrics. It came in red, mid blue, mint green, yellow and ochre. The fabric was manufactured by Rosebank Fabrics, a subsidiary of Turnbull & Stockdale, Rosebank Works, Ramsbottom, Lancashire. T & S were established in 1881, and according to the V & A  their hand block-printed textiles are some of the most interesting of the late 19th and early 20th century.

I have several pieces of this great design. These were damaged curtains, which I unpicked and washed.  They would make great cushions or  lengths to hang on a wall. We can mount them on a stretcher for you.




The off white cotton hand block printed in soft red with a stylish red design of coils.

Panel 1.  3ft 4 in x ft 2ft 7 in; 1 m  x 80 cm selvedge to selvedge. £ 300

Panel 2 - 3ft x 2ft 7in; 90 x 80 cm selvedge to selvedge.               £ 350




Clearly these pieces have faded, as there is a strip of unfaded at the very top of some of the pieces. The current colour is really lovely and mellow. Basically with all the pieces the right side has fading markings. BUT as the fabric is reversible and the pattern on the reverse is almost as strong as on the front, this side can be used and you would'nt know. The condition reports below are looking at the underside or reverse.

Panel 1 -  The colour at the top is slightly stronger. There is a 4 cm line down the whole of the right hand side that needs to be removed. It has holes and fade line. The lower right hand area is very very slightly faded, but hardly noticeable.

Panel 2 - Very good

Panel 3 - There is wear (from folding) to the left hand selvedge which has some splits and could be removed. 3 cm deep. Again perhaps very very slight fading to the lower part, but difficult to notice.

Panel 4 - Slight fading to the lower half, but difficult to notice.


MODA (Museum of Domestic Architecture). BADDA 4253. for similar fabric also in blue.

Decoration October 1935 no 6, p 49

Designing Modern Britain, Cheryl Buckley (London 2007. Reaktion Books)

See my article on Barron & Larcher on my website site in ARTICLES.

Penlee Mueum & Art Gallery - PEZPH 1992.1336 for this design in blue.




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