Quilted Baby Robe
Quilted Baby Robe
Quilted Baby Robe

Quilted Baby Robe
Late 19th c.

The Dutch Quilt authority An Moonen thought it was likely that the pattern for the back fastening robe would have come from Aglaja magazine which started in the 1830s. This would have been for a small newborn baby.

It was in the 1870s that the first Cash's woven nametapes were woven on jacquard looms. As this little robe is Dutch I think we might assume name tapes were produced at a similar time.


The front with large scoop neck and a linear quilted yoke, the main body of the robe and sleeves quilted with a similar small diamond design, the sleeve hem and the bottom of the robe simarly quilted as the yoke, the cuffs with fine linen tape drawstrings, the neck and cuffs edged with Valencienne lace, the back with similar drawstrings and a border the linear design quilting borders, inside is a tape with red initials BD.

Length 9 in; 23 cm


Very very good.

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