Quilted Petticoat
c 1760-75

Great design. Because the waves or curves are deep you only see the top half of the spikey flower design . Hope you can see this in the photos. There are four sprays of each of carnations and spikey flower.


of ivory silk, the waistband in two with side slits, the front skirt with a plain section to the very top, a flat centre pleat flanked by gathers, the back gathered into waistband, the skirt with a design of gently undulating continuous triangle pattern to the top part, the lower part with deep curves or waves containing a large design of a pink (carnation) flanked by two buds, flanked by a five petalled spikey flower, lined with worsted wool, linen tape to the underside of the hem, waist 28 in;71 cm; length 39 in; 1 m hem circumference 8 ft i in or 2.5 m


Good. The front waistband is original and made of silk and the back of cotton, so later. There is a silk tie which has come away. The fine silk is a little worn to the top front sides and to back one of top sides. There are some pale brown stains to the centre front. Nothing too noticeable unless you look. Perhaps she was drinking tea, so precious at the time, and spilled a little! There are also some light brown marks to the left hand side. Brown spotting to back top. The left hand side has some larger lgiht brown markings. Of course if put on a mannequin with a dress a lot of these would not show.


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