Quilted Waistcoat
Quilted Waistcoat
Quilted Waistcoat
Quilted Waistcoat
Quilted Waistcoat


Quilted Waistcoat
c 1770-5

Quilted waistcoats are rare. It would have been worn with a quited coat when out and on its own in the home. What an interesting colour combination of the deep magenta satin embroidered in a very fine chain stitch and the red Stroud worsted wool.


The round neck with thirteen buttonholes and covered satin buttons embroidered with four leaf flower heads, the light tan chain stitch quilting in diagonal wavy lines with a border of chain stitch leafy meanders, deep pocket flaps in the lower section, also embroidered, the sleeves and back of red worsted wool, lined with linen.

Back neck to hem 30 in; 76 cm

Underarm 39 in; 1 m.


Very good. A minute amount of wear to the satin at the very edge of the front neck. A very small wear spot to the front right the size of @.  Near the armholes there are a few vertical areas of wear each less than 1cm long. Seven to the left hand side and two to the right.

The red wool has 15 small old darns in the right hand sleeve, but only two small ones are on the sleeve front. Two small ones on the back. Four small ones to the left hand sleeve front and seven on the back sleeve. You have to look close to see them.

The lining has slight stains underarm but these are restricted to the lining.


The only other quilted waistcoat, but without sleeves is illuatrated in 18th Century Costume by Pauline Rushton. p 27

For similar see de Young Museum, San Francisco.


For similar see: Philadelphia Museum.



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