Robe a la Francaise
c 1760-70

The petals seem to be an unusual design in that the horizontal lines are quite widely spaced. Very pretty understated colour which would have shimmered by candlelight. Probably French. See: Edited by Zegna Ermenegildo The Meandering Pattern in Brocaded Silks 1745-1775


the pale pinky mauve shot silk taffetta brocade woven with a simulated lace meander alternating with large petalled flower sprays in white/silver thread, highlight with touches of peach and mid green silk, the front bodice with large square neck, robings and a stomacher edged with simple bobbin lace and alternating hook and eye fastening, the above elbow sleeves with a double flounce trimmed with bobbin lace, the back with square neck and large pleats falling to the hem in a sack back construction, pocket slits to either side, the inside bodice lined with natural coloured linen, eyelet holes and lacing cord fastening, a wide inner linen band at hem, bust 32 in or 82 cm; shoulder to front hem 50 in or 1.28 cm; back hem 61 in or 1.55 m


The brocade is in excellent condition. There is one very small slight mark to one side. The robings have been sewn back, perhaps for fancy dress, and there is still a vertical fold. This would probably come out with pressing. The stomacher has probably been slightly taken in but the fabric is all there. The lace needs a few stitches and there is one little hole to the lace on a sleeve ruffle. The dress is crisp and fresh looking.


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