Phyllis Barron & Dorothy Larcher

Girton College, Cambridge

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If you have enjoyed reading about Dorothy Barron and Phyllis Larcher and would like to know more about their lives and projects do look at The Craft Study Centre, Farnham, Surrey who have the largest collection of Barron & Larcher’s hand block printed textiles, blocks and pattern books. Donated by Robin Tanner, executor of Barron’s will. For extensive information on Barron and Larcher see:

The Victoria and Albert Museum have Barron and Larcher fabrics on view in their 20th Century gallery. The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester have Barron and Larcher fabrics in their collection. My thanks to Frances Gandy, Librarian, Curator and Graduate Tutor for Sciences for making the Barron and Larcher archive available to me.

Walking the Block for a unique poetic biography of Barron and Larcher.

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