Hand Block Print
Hand Block Print
Hand Block Print
Hand Block Print

Hand Block Print
c. 1820

I have two similar lengths of this furnishing fabric, which could be joined for a curtain. One length has a vertical join. Because the cotton has been glazed, which repelled the dirt, the fabric is quite stiff.


The design hand block printed on a pale beige ground with a white spot, with rows columns of intertwined acrons and oak leaves, flanked with full blown roses, poppies, lilac and other flowers, all in red, pink, mauve, green, pale blue and stone.

Length 6ft 10 in; 2.07 m

Width 20 1/2 in; 52 cm


The length without the join is in excellent condition. You can see the registration dots from the hand block print pins, which adds to their charm. The length with the join along the entire length has a few light dye markings at one end. Ask for photos of the second length.


Printed Textiles 1700-1850 by Linda Eaton


Length 1- £350

Length 2 with a vertical join - £ 325

Price: on request

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