Morris Tulip & Rose Fragment
Morris Tulip & Rose Fragment
Morris Tulip & Rose Fragment

Morris Tulip & Rose Fragment

This is a cushion size piece. It would also look good framed.  A great gift for someone who loves William Morris but cannot afford a large piece.

Designed by Wiliam Morris on 20 January 1876 and woven by the Heckmondwike Manufacturing Company, Heckmondwike, Yorkshire.

This design is the first dateable design by Morris for furnishing textiles. Morris had no facilities to weave commercial quantities of cloth himself so he ssked Heckmondwike to weave the fabric for him.  Already they were producing Kidderminster type carpeting in this design.*


A chrome yellow tulip amongst light green acanthus leaves on a dark green wool and cotton ground.

9 x 17 in;  23 x 44 cm, selvedge to one side.


 In good condition. There is a slight parting of the weft threads to the very left of the piece, as you look at it. There are lots of long wool threads to the edges of this piece which could be used to disguise the slight damage.



William Morris edited by Linda Parry. p 269, M76.

Price: £175 | $210 | €200

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