Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria

As we are celebrating all things royal at present, don't you love this delightful rare picture commemorates Princess Victoria (1819-1901) becomming Queen in 1837. May 24th 2019 commemorates 200 years since her birth.


depicted standing in a park, the trees worked in French knots, looking pensively to the distance, a straw bonnet with flowers on the brim, ribbons falling down the back, her ivory dress with large neck and long sleeves, a black silk shawl round her shoulders, her small spaniel Dash at her feet, the sky hand painted, all within an oval flanked by a crown, surrounded by ribbons, with thistles, roses and shamrock, the base with VR and 1837, all embroidered in fine silks on a silk grosgrain ground.

12 in; 32 cm;



The embroidery is in excellent condition. the very edge of the silk closest to the frame is slightly grubby. This was in a gold oval frame, which I have removed. It was quite damaged, had had bad painted gilding and I feel it deserves a new frame. I can get this done or send to you and you can choose one.

Price: on request

Ref N°: 8168

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